Have You Always Wanted to Try Quilting?

Quilting can be fun and easy. Plus, your new skills can produce a beautiful, unique gift.

By using a few tricks and techniques, patchwork can be easier than you ever imagined. Really. It is also a hobby that fits into whatever time you have be that five minutes or five hours.

All you need is the desire to learn and the right information.

It's all I had when I started out. I taught myself patchwork from a book after a life-long interest in the subject. In less than a month, I finished my first project I started a new one.

So, if you have the desire, here you'll find the information, tips and encouragement to start your first project or finish that U.F.O. (unfinished object) lurking in your closet.


Here's an overview of what's here on the site:

Best Beginners Quilting Patterns Books
Beginners can make beautiful quilts. You just need the right information. Here you'll find reviews of my favorite, can't-go-wrong, beginners quilting patterns.
Quilting Tools for Easy Quilting
What quilting tools do you absolutely need on your easy quilting journey? Find the essentials here.
Easy Quilt Pattern - How to Find One
Everyone needs an easy quilt pattern in their pattern stash. Here's how to spot one in a quilt shop or if you are looking at them on-line.
Fast and Easy Quilting Techniques
Today's quilting techniques make beautiful quilts in half the time
Quilting Supplies - What you need to keep on hand
Do you know the basic quilting supplies you need to keep on hand at all times? We'll walk you through what supplies to stock.
Quilting Tips - Tips to make quilts easier and faster
Having trouble finishing your first quilt or are you always on the look out for ways to finish quilts faster? Check out this page for quilting tips.
Quilt Book - Valuable Books for Your Quilting Library
The three quilt book types that you need in your library.
Free Quilt Patterns Reviews
Want to know how easy those free quilt patterns on web sites are to use? Here are reviews of those patterns
Easy to Sew Projects
Looking for some easy to sew projects to get familiar with your sewing machine or gain confidence? Here you'll find five projects to try
Quilt magazines - Are they worth it?
Quilt Magazines - Questions to ask youself before you buy
Finding Quilt Ideas - Five Places to Look
You can find quilt ideas everywhere you look. Here are 5 of my favorite spots
Memory Quilt Ideas
Memory Quilt - 5 Ideas
Nine Patch Quilt Block - How to Make and How to Use
Learn about the Versatility of the nine patch quilt block
About Easy Quilting Central
about easy quilting central
Contact Easy Quilting Central
Contact Easy Quilting Central
Handmade Gift Ideas for Quilters
Handmade Gift Ideas for Quilters - 5 Ideas You can Start Tonight
Quilt Design - 3 Methods
Interested in Quilt Design? 3 Ways to Design Your Next Quilt