BQ Quilt Pattern Review

The BQ quilt pattern is so easy.


This is the quilt pattern to go to when you need a quick present. It is a tried and true, immediate gratification kind of strip piecing pattern.

The trick is that you are letting the fabric do all the work.

This quilt pattern works best with big prints. You know, the type - the kind of fabric that you hate to cut because most strip piecing patterns just don't display how gorgeous they are.

Another good thing is that the pattern contains two block sizes - 18 inch block and a 9 inch block. Yes, you could probably figure this out on your own, but it is nice that someone else has done the math for you.

I've used the 9 inch size to make a mini-quilt of 4 blocks. I think of this as art. One is already hanging in my laundry room. I have a plan to make two more as a set of three pieces of a grouping.

There are some things that could be better. Because the big, showy print is made of 12 ½ inch squares, the pattern does not contain yardage information.

As someone who is notorious for just bringing a pattern into a quilt shop and getting fabric, this could stop me a bit.

If however, you are a true fat quarter kind of girl and want to use a fat quarter for a different block, this would work out just fine.

Another tip is that I've seen this pattern used for a t-shirt quilt pattern. The t-shirt is used for the 12-inch showy blocks.

This works great with a theme. I saw this as a quilt for Peachtree Road Race t-shirts with peach fabric as one of the fabric choices. Cute!

In the end, this pattern was recommended to me by one of my local quilt shop ladies and I can't thank them enough. Just remember that you'll need basic quilting skills, though. It's a pattern not an instruction book. Once you have that, you should be good to go.

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